About me

I am a city girl, living in the country.  I grew up in Calgary, Alberta, now living closeby, out of the city, crazier things have happened.  I have lived in this area all my life except for a short time south of Calgary. I am a very proud Canadian with roots from all over this beautiful country and Germany and Scotland.


I first gained interest in art by taking art classes in school and I did very well. Actually, I was one of the best in my class. Since then I took a different turn and got a job in the Oil Industry; however, it was not a satisfying job to me, so I quit. Just like that. What a relief it was to move on to something that I am passionate about. With looking at a couple of different options, and as a pastime during this time, I began painting items for myself and our home, like the backs of Adirondack chairs for our yard. With encouragement and a little push from my husband, I posted my work online for comments. I received a lot of compliments on them and I was astonished and excited! I really enjoy painting and creating in both oil and acrylic paint – the medium doesn’t really matter to me – as long as I get my view across on the item or canvas that I am painting. I began to paint on canvas and showed my work online; people began to hire me to paint items for them, and I began commissioning works of art.


I am an artist because I have always noticed my surroundings. I have always noticed the sky, whether the sun is coming up – my favourite time of day – or when the sun is setting in beautiful hues, or the sky and his infinite forms of clouds and shades of blue, little birds singing, owls hooting, horses neighing, the trees, the landscape; I have noticed and appreciated everything in nature for as far as my memory will let me. It really brings me joy, and to save that moment for years to come and have many people enjoy my paintings, hopefully feeling that calmness, the love and joy I feel when I first see the inspirations is truly inspiring to me.


My art is an evolving endeavour. My intention as an Artist is to bring love and healing to whomever sees my artwork as I create functional artworks.


Inspirations for my paintings come from Mother Nature, and Father Sky, the earth, and all that is around us. I see beauty in the simplest things of life: it could be in a field with trees, grasses and a gentle sky to sleeping bees. Sigh, I love sleeping bees.